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Student Opportunities | Smithtown I.A.B

Student Opportunities

Both Smithtown High Schools have a Career Center and are a part of Smithtown’s Industry Advisory Board, IAB. Through these two programs we connect our students with once in a lifetime opportunities to jumpstart their professional image.

Many omembers in the Smithtown IAB are geared towards the promotion of their specific industry sector and are looking for particularly inspired individuals to help spark interest in their industry. Our members often will have internships throughout the year, which will help build not only your skills as you enter a competitive job market, but also build responsibility and reinforce positive qualities of leadership in the workplace.

What’s an Internship?

“An Internship consisst of a  student or trainee who works, with or without pay, at a trade or occupation in order to gain work experience.”.
Internships are often for a short duration and depending on the company they might be paid or unpaid. Internships are especially beneficial for students in high school because applying for college is becoming more and more competitive!  Having a few of these internship  experiences will impress most colleges. It also will impress future employers and possibly allow you to skip the rookie gig since you have already gained real world experience.


Visit http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/1486231 for a CURRENT list of opportunities currently available!  


Internships are the “Future Interview.” According to recent studies, 73% of large companies, who have over 100 employees, are looking for their new employees through interns. In 2012, 69% of the interns where offered a full-time job by these large companies. Companies want students with strong “Soft Skills” such as the ability to speak efficiently and be interpersonal during the interview stage. In addition, the second thing they are looking for are students with real work experience. 

“Many college students and recent graduates work as interns. That means they take a temporary job to get hands-on experience, usually in a field they’re interested in. College graduates sometimes use internships to start a career. But did you know that you can get a summer or after-school internship while you’re still in high school?” – College Board on Internships

Opportunities are all around us and at Smithtown we want to help you find yourself to ensure you a happy college experience and successful career.

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Career Center

Through your school Career Center, you  can learn about which companies are offering internships, shadowing days, CEIP (Career Exploration Internship Program – unpaid) , or other events you can join. They will provide you with the chance to apply for internships in many areas  that can help you to develop your work experience and resume.

Visit http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/1486231 for a CURRENT list of opportunities currently available!  


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