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Class Connections | Smithtown I.A.B

Class Connections

“You Sat In The Seats, Now Open The Doors To Opportunity”

Have you taken one of the classes below? If so click the class and learn what committees and internships are right for you!


AP Art & Other Art Classes

Arts & Communications Committee

This committee takes students’ artistic side into consideration for jobs that are needed to operate a business. Students will have the chance to meet professional business owners, who are looking for an artistic eye. Students will also have have the chance to discuss art and its theories with business owners and peers such as layout design and color theory. They will also learn how important art is in business such as web design, campaigns, and print ads.

*If you have taken the classes above you might also be interested in School Of Business Committee and Public Relations*



Accounting, Business Communications, Business Math, College Business Law, Financial Applications, Wall Street

School of Business Committee

This committee gives students the chance to network with professionals in the business community. Over the past few years, it has assisted in creating Internships at various companies throughout Long Island. The School of Business Committee is open to all students willing to improve their professional image further than the classroom can. It allows students the opportunity to take the skills they learned in the class to the next level. A level that most students wouldn’t be able to experience until their college years!  This committee achieves this by helping students become independent thinkers allowing them to make connections, so they can land their first internship or job. With these new skills and accomplishments, your resume will stand out to your future employers and colleges.

*If you have taken the classes above you might also be interested in Public Relations Committee *



College Marketing or Sports Marketing & Management

Public Relations Committee

The business classes at Smithtown allow students to explore the areas of business often at a college level. After mastering the vocabulary and acing your exams, it’s time to take the next step and join the Public Relations Committee. The PR committee helps students become comfortable with networking which allows you to make connections with professionals in the business community. This committee encourages business to offer internships in the field of marketing & PR, allowing students to actually promote events rather than just learn the terms of marketing.

*If you have taken the classes above you might also be interested in School Of Business Committee *



Fashion Marketing, Fashion Apparel & Accessories, Interior Design, Clothing Construction

Fashion Committee

This committee helps to create awareness of the fashion world and their involvement in business. Whether you’ve taken business or family consumer science class on fashion, it’s time for you to connect both the worlds of business and fashion! Joining this committee will allow you to network with  people from the Fashion industry. If you have a passion for fashion, then you should definitely sign up for one of the classes above and join the Smithtown’s IAB Fashion committee today!

*If you have taken the classes above you might also be interested in School Of Business Committee and Public Relationship*



E-Commerce & Entrepreneurship

E-Commerce & Entrepreneurship Committee

Do you dream of changing the world with a business or product? If yes, then this is the place for you. Start networking with members of the business community today and learn how business owners are surviving in these times of economic struggle and how they are marketing their business and products correctly. Whether you’ve taken Smithtown’s E-Commerce & Entrepreneurship class or not, this is a great committee to join. If you have taken Smithtown’s E-Commerce class, then you’re ready for the next step and might even earn an internship to help manage a business or organization. Otherwise come to the next IAB meeting and find out if Smithtown’s E-Commerce & Entrepreneurship class would be right for you! Meet the teacher, current students, business owners and the rest of the IAB crew!

*If you have taken the classes above you might also be interested in School Of Business Committee*



Career Planning & Career Jump-Start

Career Tracks Committee

This committee helps guide students in appropriate career direction. Business owners help in your decision by telling students about what they do, and optimistically influencing students on their career paths. This committee provides another push for students, who have already taken Career Planning or Career Jump-Start. This committee focuses on allowing students to find themselves by connecting them with opportunity for shadowing days, college summer classes, internships and CEIPs.  The annual Female Power Brunch is an event NOT to be missed!

*If you have taken the classes above you might also be interested in School Of Business Committee & E-Commerce & Entrepreneurship Committee*



World Languages

International Connections

Ever dream of just traveling the world? Traveling the world often seems more like a fantasy than a reality. However, the International Connections committee can make that dream more reachable for you. If you have attended, Smithtown’s International Business Day then you have already seen this committee in action. This committee stresses the importance of world languages and communicating with others and informs students, who are in foreign language classes about how they can connect their native language, second language and dream career. This committee helps students with career intentions in joining the international field, strength their speaking skills and teaches them about world culture.

*If you have taken the classes above you might also be interested in Public Relationship Committee*



Technology Classes: Engineering, Computer Networking, Computer Repair, Computer Science, Graphic Communications, Digital Electronics

Technology & Science Committee or STEM Committee

This committee is very involved with the school’s technology department. Students who are interested in this field will benefit greatly. They will have the chance to meet with technology teachers from both Smithtown West and East and even professionals in the field of technology. Students will also have a chance to meet the advisor and members of the Robotics club if they aren’t already in it. This committee gives students the opportunity to learn how robots, 3D printers, and other technological advancements are shaping the world around us. If you have taken advantage of the technology classes at smithtown, it’s time you apply for internships, take your CompTIA exam, and join the national technology society and the either the Technology & Science Committee or STEM Committee!