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Student Committees | Smithtown I.A.B

Student Committees

“Networking is not just about connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities” – Michele Jennae


The IAB values the belief of Michele Jennae, which is why we have created committees. Our committees serve as a purpose to allow students and professionals with the same interest to gather in order to gain new perspectives from each other.

Networking isn’t about simply saying “hello.” It’s about exploring the world around you through these connections and finding  out who you are and what you’re passionate about. Each of your networks could prove to be great resources, as they can open doors to new opportunity; whether that be finding a mentor, meeting your next employer, gaining new knowledge, or the ability to intern for one of them.

Through these networks you will build new friendships and business relationships that will help you as you leave high school and go on to college. By reaching out to new people every day, opportunity never ends. So we challenge you to come to attend one of the IAB meetings, and join one of our committees.

Explore the list below to find out more about them

Arts & Communications Committee

This committee takes students’ artistic side into consideration for business  decisions. This is beneficial to both businesses and students. Students have an opportunity to use their ability to explore how they can apply it to the  business world. Businesses helps to steer students in the directions of careers such as digital design or game design. By getting involved in this committee, businesses could gain possible interns, if the students are involved in the art  community. Businesses can also keep in touch with the community and benefit from other members.

Career Tracks

This committee helps guide students in the right career direction. Business owners help in this decision by telling students about what they do, and optimistically influencing students on their career paths. This is both beneficial to students and businesses, for students may be guided in a path they wouldn’t have thought of and businesses may extend their career field’s reach and create bonds with students while doing so. This committee teams up with the International Connections Committee to create the International Career Day, which shows students career choices in the international field.

Community Service / Wellness Committee

This committee helps businesses create bonds between students and the overall community. They create projects that benefit the town. The projects connect to town members and business owners on a personal level, by giving back to the community. These events help to benefit both schools and organizations in our community whose goals align for the good of the overall society. This committee is great if you seek personal satisfaction from giving back.

E-Commerce & Entrepreneurship

This committee allows students to learn about the overall business world and the power of owning their own business. Business owners teach the students the tactics of owning businesses and how to get to the top. Business owners should join this committee so they can pass their leadership skills down to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Fashion Committee

This committee helps to create awareness of the fashion world and their involvement in business. They allow students to participate in making clothing and  learning how to market and sell the clothing they make. Help students take their talents in clothing design and applying it to the business world  while learning about starting a career.


This committee is very involved with the school’s technology department. Students who are interested in this field will benefit greatly from the involvement with representatives from the industry. The technology and science sector is growing exponentially over the past years and representatives are needed to update our upcoming students on the current and future projects that the industry is involved with.

List of clubs or activities that interact with this committee


Robotics Club http://www.smithtownrobotics.com/

Science Olympiads http://newyorkscioly.org/

Health & Life Sciences

To create awareness for all students of the opportunities in the areas of  the Health  & Life Sciences

International Connections

This committee helps students with career intentions in the international field to explore their options in business. Businesses help to create this connection between the two fields by showing students the opportunities within each field.  This committee helps incorporate the importance of using foreign language in the workplace.

They team up with the Career Tracks Committee to  organize the International Career Day, which provides students with an outlook on careers in the international field, with this event helping students develop a career path and give them an insight to the opportunities within the business world.

Public Relations

The goal of this committee is to enhance images, foster connections, and help create success. Business help students become comfortable with networking and creating connections with business people in the community.  The members of this committee provide the IAB with a positive image. They could write press releases about current awards, events, and the students within the IAB.

College & Career Readiness (Formerly 21st Century Education Committee)

The purpose of this very important committee is to connect the expertise of our Business partners with the curriculum being presented to the students of the Smithtown School District.  This group has been integral in informing the District Administration as to the needs of the employers in the 21st Century.  In turn, this information is used in developing curriculum that is Rigorous and Relevant.  This committee is made up of a balance of educators, students, administrators and business partners so that all voices are taken into consideration.

School of Business

This committee connects students and staff to current business practices and create awareness of the variety of careers in the broad area of business. The School of Business committee is integrally involved with multiple aspects of the programs, events and classroom teaching going on in Smithtown Schools. The members of this committee contribute ideas and expertise to Business Olympics, assist in the DECA mentorship program, work with the Business Department on their Business Etiquette even and work with the students to earn their MBA and PhD within the School of Business.

The School of Business maintains a commitment to all these programs while coordinating with the School of Business after-school club.  Student Ambassadors to the IAB belong to the School of Business Club and help plan events and work with committees, giving a student view of things!   If you are looking to be involved in multiple aspects of Smithtown’s business department, this is the committee for you!

School Of Business Website: http://www.smithtownschoolofbusiness.com

DECA Promo Video: http://vimeo.com/cybis/review/72230359/bdca69bfc3


Need Help? Go To Class Connections to find out what committee is best for you.