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Student View | Smithtown I.A.B

Student View

Hi, There! We’re here to help you make the most of your four years in high school. Just by visiting this site I can tell you are ready to achieve greatness!  One thing you should know about this site is that it was created for students by students. The reason behind that is because we wanted to answer all the questions that are running through your head. The best way to do that was to first know what your questions are. So go ahead and explore the site to find out how the Smithtown Industry Advisory Board can make help you successful in your future endeavors!

What is the IAB?

The IAB stand for Smithtown Industry Advisory Board. The goal of this organization is to connect students with business members & professionals of our community in hopes of giving them real world experience.

How can this organization benefit me?

This organization’s benefits differ for each student as student’s ambition drives the program. Students can choose to go to our monthly events, apply for internships, or go to our school events.

Overall, this organization offers you the chance to develop your professional image. Attending the 6 General IAB meetings give you the opportunity to get to know business professionals and network with them  It may lead to learning experience in your field of interest!

What events has the IAB sponsored?

The IAB sponsors events such as Business Olympics, DECA Mentoring, International Business Day, Career Fair, Female Power Brunch, Business Etiquette Dinner (for MBA & PhD Students.), and Technology Honor Society Induction Night.

Is the IAB right, for me? I haven’t taken nor do I plan to take any business classes.

YES! The IAB is currently expanding it’s network to hold professionals in fields such as art, journalism fashion, technology and teaching. The goal of the IAB is to help every student explore the careers or field of study they are interested. With that in mind –  if you are looking for assistance visit the Career Center and see Mrs. Mary Pat Grafstein to find if the IAB holds any opportunities for you.

What type of professionals attend the monthly IAB meetings?

The IAB meetings have a number of different types of professionals, thanks to Mrs. Grafstein’s wide network of businesses contacts!  From Artists to Accountants, Bankers to Financial Planners, Nurse, Doctors and Physical Therapists, Hotel Managers and Sales Managers…….the list is endless!  Check out our Committee’s list to get a better idea of who’s at our monthly meetings.

Check out Our Works & Student Opportunities to see other events the IAB helps bring together.

What’s an Internship?

Can I take advantage of the IAB’s in school events or internships if I don’t go to the regular meetings?

Yes! Internships or other school events are open to all to those who want to participate. However, we hope you try to attend our regular meetings!

Visit the Smithtown School’s Career Center site for more information: