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Our Works | Smithtown I.A.B

Our Works


Business Olympics

This event allows business owners to interact with students as they prepare business presentations about specific topics. Each year a different topic is given.  Students create a sales pitch  &  marketing plan and present to panels of judges from the Smithtown IAB as well as Administrators from around the District.

Last year, the students were given the task of promoting the Smithtown Children’s Foundation to Smithtown and were asked to create  an event and market the event and the Foundation to the public.

Female Power Brunch

This event shows the empowerment of women in the business field. The IAB partners with many of their female members work very hard to create a wonderfully special day for young high school women to interact with business women and get an idea of the careers they can potentially go into for the future.  It empowers our young women to believe they can do anything they set their sights on!

Last year’s event was extremely successful and many students were inspired by the speakers that came into the school to talk to the students. Some of the women that spoke owned their own business and discussed the struggles of being a women in the fields.  Some are single mothers who raise a family and have a career.  Most shared the rewards and outcomes of hard work and how they overcame the obstacles they were faced with.


International Business Career Day

This event helps students see the opportunities they could take advantage of when they combine their language skills with their business skills. This event is offered to both students who excel in the language department and/or business department. This event shows students the benefits of international affairs, and helps them to see the types of jobs they could possess when they grow up. This event consists of many business people that have jobs in an internationally-run business and who have experience with international travel. This year’s event was extremely successful, and it left a select number of students with internship offers.

Citi Annual Summer Internship Program

This selective program is open to students from over 5 other districts and if accepted gives students the opportunity to be a part of Citi’s team for the summer. Each student has the ability to grew at his or her own pace while still being challenged. The program focuses on allowing students to find themselves while teaching them the basics of Excel & Outlook, business etiquette, networking, and team work. Students also learn more about the Operations side of banking and the corporate environment through Citi Speakers.

The Summer of 2014 11 students from Smithtown + 2 college students who previously went to Smithtown, worked at the corporate office in Hauppauge this year and helped Citi with it’s upcoming plans to merge their offices with a new company. The program consisted of 32 rising seniors from several districts. 9 Student Leads (two 2014 graduates from West), helped guided them through the 7 week Internship.  The students gained self-confidence, speaking and communication skills and left the program much better prepared for the “real world” that they will face in the near future!

“Day in the Life” An NBTY HS Business Experience  

Last year, participants were chosen through an essay contest. Two of Smithtown’s West Junior’s won the essay contest and were given the once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the NBTY company. Each participant gained a first-hand, behind the scenes look at a day-to-day, multimillion dollar business and the functions that support it.  They had direct exposure to working with Search Engines, Marketing & Research, Social Media, and Contact Center Teams. The day ended with a luncheon featuring several very powerful speakers: CEO, Jeff Nagel;  President of Direct Response, Peter Shapiro;  and Senior VP for Human Resources, Karla Packer.


Smithtown IAB’s & Passion 47’s

Last year’s first & second semester overview: This program developed along with it’s interns, as it was the first year it was held. As part of the CEIP selection students received 1/2 credit for each semester which can count toward their MBA or PhD. The program worked with Passion 47’s  Mrs. Carolyn Abelard and Smithtown’s Industry Advisory Board Executive Director, Mary Pat Grafstein. The goal of the program is to have the students work collaboratively to expand the IAB and market it to students at both East & West, as well as other businesses within the community.

Students worked on creating marketing posters, flyers, and content to reach this goal. In addition, students were challenged to create weekly trends each week. After subscribing to business newsletters, students would read about upcoming changes in marketing, PR, technology, and business. They presented them at the weekly meetings to Carolyn and the other Interns. Towards semester two students would have to justify why they choose this article and how it applies to the IAB.

The program truly grew from it’s initial start!  A great learning experience for the students and much valuable help given to the IAB.  Read “student reflections” to see what they had to say about this experience.


Passion 47’s Summer Intern  Program

Interns, who were involved in the school year for the Smithtown IAB’s & Passion 47’s CIEP, were invited to keep working over the summer. The program once again pushed interns to think for themselves, having only once a week meetings to review their work. The interns worked on their assignments throughout the week and adjusted them to the feedback they received during their once a week meetings with Mrs. Caroyln Debus Abelard.

During the Summer, the goal of the program was to re-create the Smithtown IAB website, by writing and collecting content for the site. In addition, one of the interns Katie worked on a student blog for the site. The content of many pages describing committees and events were written by the interns (Katie and Sonia ) in this program.