Extracurricular Activities

In the middle or ending of your junior year you’ll get a folder from your counselor of things you should keep in mind while looking into colleges. One of the documents given out is a student profile sheet where you must fill out all the activities you have done during your high school career.

I cannot tell you how many students, once they completed this sheet, felt that they did nothing during the entire course of high school. Please don’t let that be you. It’s not only about what you do in school but what you do after school hours. Whether it’s sports, clubs, internships or community service that helps define you, colleges want to know.

Both Smithtown schools offer around 40 clubs.Try out these extracurricular activities. There are plenty of intangible benefits that come from them. You can make new friends, some activities may look good in a resume. Take a look at these sheets and keep a look out for new internships too under the Smithtown IAB website.

Community Service looks great on your  college applications as well.Colleges want to make sure that you’re a well rounded person and care about your own community. They want to see that passion from potential students.  Keep your eyes open for new opportunities around the community and your school.