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The Midterms | Smithtown I.A.B

The Midterms

The midterms serve us with two major purposes. First, they tell students how they are doing in classes in the middle of the year which determines if we need to change our studying habits; and secondly, it tells teachers if their teaching style is efficient for their students.

The midterms focus on things you learned in the first semester. It is important to save your notes so you can use them as a reference when studying for these tests. Most of the time teachers offer study sessions and give out packets to study from. In this case I advise that you be wise and don’t wait until the last minute to start cramming. After all, the midterms count towards your third quarter grade. As soon as you get you review packets start it early. Jump around from different sections and ask your resources for help when needed. Usually the study sessions are filled with students so be prepared with questions beforehand. Plan out your time and create a study schedule. You want a schedule that includes breaks in between studying.  Find that healthy balance. Make sure you ascertain your style of learning, identify whether you’re an auditory, tactile or visual learner and use it to study more efficiently. This will help you attain more information. Consider cleaning out your locker and organizing folders and binders. You can find old notes that can help you study; plus it gives you a fresh clean start for second semester. Practice is key, this will make you feel less anxious and less stressed about the tests!


Good luck.

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