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Networking | Smithtown I.A.B


To be able to network with business contacts as a high school student is quite impressive to many!   Networking, is defined by the Merriam- Webster Dictionary as ” The cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.” Our school district created an organization back in 1977, the Smithtown IAB, where you do exactly as defined above with partners from around our community, Long Island and NY City.

Networking with these partners will benefit you greatly. The purpose of networking is to grow a relationship to get connections which can lead you to new opportunities in the future. You can learn valuable shared knowledge from each person!

Click here to learn more about the benefits of networking. Although the article is from a business prospective, it still applies to us students.

To network, you have to interact with these professionals. You need to tell them about yourself. It may seem strange to open up to people you just met, but your goal is to introduce yourself to professional contacts that will prove to be good resources both in the present and in the future. A great way to open up is by creating an elevator pitch. This pitch lets them know about you. You state your name, occupation, interests, what makes you unique from other students…………. The elevator pitch was designed to tell the professional all of this in a concise way, as if you were in an elevator with this person.

To learn more about the importance of networking, click here



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