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4 Years Go by Quickly…. | Smithtown I.A.B

4 Years Go by Quickly….

Every year in high school is different. You focus on different things and take on new challenges. As the years progress you gain new responsibilities.The difficulty of each year varies between each person. Here are a couple of things each class should keep in mind depending on your grade while you’re in high school.

Freshman year:

It is typically said that freshman year is the easiest of all four. Keep in mind that your weighted GPA for the entire year will roll over for the following years. Because of this, I advise that you concentrate on your grades so that you start out strong. Getting good grades can ultimately determine if you get into any AP classes.These classes can translate into college credits. Having a good GPA is great, but also participate in extracurricular activities like sports, clubs and community service. Colleges want to know what else you did during your years in high school.  Do Community Service as often as possible.  Visit the Career Center and Mrs. Grafstein can give you some great ideas on places right in our community that need your help!  Looks great on your resume which you should begin working on during this year.


Sophomore year:

In your sophomore year you should still be focusing on your grades and extracurricular activities. If you have an early birthday and get your drivers permit, you can take drivers ed this year. It would be easier to get it out of the way, so you can focus on your SATs and ACTs next year. Start to think about what interests you and what you think you might want to be when you grow up.  Visit the Career Center for help with “self-assessment”  from Mrs. Grafstein!  If you haven’t done so already, start to create a Resume for use in the future.


Junior year

Junior year is said to be the hardest year of all. This is the year where students are put under a lot of pressure academically. You’ll start to begin to decide what you want to be when you get older. You can get a real grasp by applying for internships similar to your interest to help you figure out what you really want to pursue. This year a majority of you will be taking drivers ed, you can take it in the summer, fall, winter or spring. Make sure to get all information from the main office. You might also begin to prepare for the SAT’s and the ACT’s. You can start preparing by taking the PSAT, SAT and ACT classes as well as reading SAT and ACT books. However since the curriculum for the SAT test has changed I advise you to get a 2014 published book.  Visit the Career Center for help from Mrs. Grafstein in getting an INTERNSHIP!  Having an internship in High School is very impressive on your resume.


Senior year
In your senior year you should focus on college preparation by writing college essays, applying for scholarships and more. Speak to your counselor and see what else needs to be done in order to prepare for college. You can also retake your SAT’s and ACT’s if desired. Take on internships and enjoy your last year in high school.  Visit the Career Center for help from Mrs. Grafstein in getting a job or an Internship for the summer before you go to college!

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