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Progress Report | Smithtown I.A.B

Progress Report

Building blocks for a brighter future… take the next



The IAB has truly helped students take the next steps in creating their professional image through talking about College & Careers, educating & informing students about the work based learning opportunities at Smithtown, and lastly empowering students by having them as members the IAB. Explore the rest of the page to see how those four steps have helped our students achieve greatness and how the IAB has impacted the students who joined in our mission.

College & Career

  • Colleges are looking for well rounded students; Smithtown students are encouraged to join extra curricular activities.
  • Explore Careers & Majors for College by working with the Career Center and guidance counselors.
    • Worried about College…Take “Career & College Planning” class in the business department
  • Plan Ahead – Taking the classes is the first step, but more colleges are looking for students who have taken part in both paid and non-paid internships. (Whats an Internships?)


  • Educating & Informing Students 
  • Smithtown High School West & East is home to 3,508 students
  • During your high school career students have the chance to get an Advance Regents or Regents Diploma. (For more info click here)
  • Smithtown High School offers over 42 credits for College in Business Electives (For more info click here)
  • Both Smithtown High Schools have a Career Center – Students are encouraged to take advantage of it!
  • Smithtown High School holds the PSAT, SAT, and ACT on their campus at least once a year. In addition, they offer preparation course before the test through SCOPE.

Empowering Students 

  • Smithtown High School West & East team up with members from the business community to enhance education and prepare students for the real world. This unification is called the Smithtown Industry Advisory Board. 
  • Internship information can be found at the Career Center located in the business wing.  Student who attend IAB meetings gain the advantage by networking with professionals in all areas.  (Find the Internship or job that’s right for you)
  • Shadowing Opportunities are always available. Shadowing gives students the chance to explore the careers and jobs in the real-world setting (Find a Shadowing Event).
  • Scholarships opportunities open to seniors can be found in the Business office and the Counseling office in the Spring.
  • The IAB holds 6 meetings per year, allowing networking time for students, teachers, administrators and professionals in our community.

The IAB Environment 

  • Connected over 200 students with professionals in the community. Allowing students to improve their professional image and network in a business setting. (Read Their Reflections)
  • More then 85 students took part in the 2014 School of Business Etiquette Dinner & Business Honor Society Induction Ceremony. (Read Their Reflections)
  • Over 30 students presented at IAB meetings and learned how to improve their commutation skills.

Achievements & Accountability 

  • 8 different  internship programs were offered to students during 2013-14.
  • Many students found guidance on careers and internship via  IAB partners.
  • At least 5 events were held this year to improve students understanding of job opportunities in the world today.
  • The Smithtown Schools IAB gained approximately 40 new members this school year.
  •  The IAB helped to coordinate several internships in 2014.  Some of these were with the Smithtown Historical Society, Passion 47,  CitiBank, Golfworks, SCNB, Val Manzo,Att at Law, Atlantis Marine World and the IAB itself! (Read Reflections from these Companies)
  • 2 Students from Smithtown West were chosen to spend the day shadowing the life of the employees at NBTY company.
  • Over 50 students from both SHS High Schools participated in JA in a Day – High School Heroes, presenting Social Studies lessons on Community to children in 2nd grade across the district’s Elementary Schools.
  • 6 Students were accepted to intern with Passion 47; 2 of those 6 continued to work over the Summer with Passion 47 to help create the new IAB Website and Blog “The Bridge
  • 10 students were offered a paid summer internship with Citibank.
  • 4 students were offered a paid summer internship with SCNB.
  • 6 students were offered a paid summer internship with Golfworks.
  • 100%  of the students found their internships to be beneficial!